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It at all had no higher education
Friday, 18 September 2015 17:07

It at all had no higher educationAndrey Pavelko's way to the present status of the People's Deputy and the main applicant for a post of the president of FFU began with modest work as the technician in the Dnepropetrovsk computer center. It at all had no higher education (already closer to to years he will receive the diploma, and two). But its history not how the child prodigy gradually made the way persistent work from bottoms to tops a la Henry Ford or John Rockefeller. It more likely typical for Ukraine the 90th variation of a joke about the person who bought apple, washed, sold it more expensively, bought two, washed, sold them, bought three and then received from the uncle million inheritance.

The key role in Pavelko's ascension, as well as at the ex-owner of Metalworker Alexander Yaroslavskogo, was played by successful marriage. His darling Alyona Leonid Sergiyenko's daughter, one of Dnepropetrovshchina's most influential people of the last twentieth anniversary. Pavelko and Sergiyenko's ways were crossed officially in the 1995th when 20-year-old Andrey Vasilyevich started to work in the company Stroydniproservice which was headed by his future father-in-law. Further there was a work in Dnepromayn thanks to Sergiyenko's contacts to German relatives this company became one of the largest in Ukraine in the market of wall-paper. When Sergiyenko decided to be enclosed in marshrutochny business, and here Pavelko again was useful held a leading post in the company Niktrans.

After Pavelko and Sergiyenko expanded business. To read further

The UEFA will not sponsor
Sunday, 13 September 2015 15:46

The UEFA will not sponsor"Vilyarreal" of Denis Cheryshev left in a semi-final of the Cup of Spain, having beaten in two-masted opposition "Hetaf".

Mutko promised to help the Crimean clubs

The minister of sports of the Russian Federation Vitaly Mutko declared that the Crimean clubs and the region championship will get further necessary financial support.

Meeting «in the matter of Hulk» is appointed previously to February 5

Meeting of committee on ethics of RFU in the matter of the forward of Petersburg "Zenith" Hulk and the judge Alexey Matyunina is appointed previously to February 5.

The championship of Spain can be suspended

The royal Spanish football federation can suspend carrying out national championship.

"Chelsea" and "Fiorentina" agreed on 35 million for Kuadrado

"Chelsea" and "Fiorentina" reached the basic arrangement on a transfer to London halfback Juan Kuadrado.

Romulo: About Robson and Markao did not hear, but I know Alex

The halfback of Moscow "Spartak" Romulo admitted that does not know the Brazilian ex-Spartacists Robson and Markao, however well a sign with Alex's career.

Zhinola refused participation in FIFA election of the president

The ex-player of French national team David Zhinola decided to refuse participation in elections on a post of the president of FIFA.

The UEFA will not sponsor the championship of the Crimea

The UEFA will not sponsor the championship of the Crimea organized in the future, it was declared by the vice-chairman of Republican federation of football of the region Alexander Malinevsky.

"Roma" concentrated on Dumby

The management of the Italian "Roma" threw all forces on purchase of the forward of CSKA Seyda Dumby, having forgotten about a possible transfer Louise Adriano.

Costa appealed on possible disqualification

The forward of London "Chelsea" Diego Costa intends to challenge the decision of Football association of England on possible trekhmatchevy disqualification for incident in a match against "Liverpool".

After declaration of the Act of Independence
Thursday, 10 September 2015 18:37

After declaration of the Act of IndependenceOn March 6, 1991 as a part of Federation of football of the Soviet Union thanks to Victor Maksimovich Bannikov's efforts the Federation of football of Ukraine was created and legally issued. It was completely subordinated to the Moscow management.

After declaration of the Act of Independence of Ukraine (on August 24, 1991) the executive committee of Federation of football of USSR made the decision on carrying out at the beginning of December of Plenum on which future destiny of development of national football would be defined.

At the beginning of September the general meeting of the management of federation and football community took place. It was offered to create internal football institutes which would not submit to the Moscow management.

In October Victor Bannikov's meeting with the president of UEFA Lennart Yokhansson which promised full support about the introduction of Ukraine to the European football community took place.

On December 13 in a big hall of the Ministry of affairs of youth, sports and tourism the Federation Council unanimously accepted the following statement: «According to a national referendum from December 1, 1991 Ukraine became the independent state. Football federation — independent independent, public organization which is not a part of federations of other states. Federation a beret under the jurisdiction protection of the rights of football players, trainers and experts of football.

The federation of football undertakes to adhere to the international norms and human rights independently a nationality and religion. The federation of football confirms the commitment to the purposes and principles of charters of FIFA and UEFA and undertakes to carry out them.

The federation of football of Ukraine carried out of all the obligations to Federation of football of the USSR and declares the exit from its structure».

As the first president of Vseukrainsky sports public organization "Federation of football of Ukraine" it was confirmed Victor Maksimovich Bannikov.

Presidents of FFU:

1991-1996-Bannikov Victor Maksimovich

1996-2000-Pustovoytenko Valery Pavlovich

Since August 16, 2000 - Surkis Grigory Mikhaylovich (re-elected for 4-annual term on July 16, 2004 and re-elected for 5-annual term on September 14, 2007)

Actually, live broadcasts of football
Wednesday, 02 September 2015 12:52

Actually, live broadcasts of footballYou are welcomed by the Internet portal «Football without borders»! A place where real fans, football fans or simply fans of the most dynamic and fascinating team game in the world meet. Every year the increasing number of judges of football prefers to hurt for a favorite team behind football viewing on the Internet. Each our visitor can become here the viewer of translations of football matches which pass in a framework of the various Championships, Cups, Superiority or Olympic Games. Navigation of a site is simple and convenient in work therefore any user of the computer even if he is a beginner, will independently manage to understand and provide to itself pleasant rest and pastimes. Online of translation of football have mass of advantages. Possibilities of a cable television are quite limited. All know that television channels not in forces to show to football fans all matches which pass and hardly can do it in the future. As soon as the high-speed Internet entered into our life, there was a possibility to broadcast matches online. The audience can see matches in real time and without failures to take pleasure in this show. Actually, live broadcasts of football on the Internet have a large quantity of advantages. All of us were convinced for a long time that local broadcasting companies, unfortunately, have not the best equipment. More often, it «heritage of last years», especially in provincial small towns. As a result televiewers receive the poor-quality picture where not only the image is strongly distorted, but also it is possible to observe a set of hindrances. On the Internet of such problems does not happen. Any image will be qualitative, having at least average speed of connection to a network. For this reason fans of football enjoy fully the Internet and with hardly any trouble at all can watch a course of matches and competitions. Besides always there is a payment question. For example, if you use cable or digital television, it is necessary to pay for services, and here on the Internet matches it is possible to look without restrictions.

Already then at private schools
Saturday, 29 August 2015 14:33

Already then at private schoolsThe games Football by the heads will offer you possibility to play the Championship in very unusual way.

Football Champions

Football competitions in computer games already take long ago the first places on popularity. And this game not exception.

Is not present on light of the person which would not know about entertainment existence with a ball which needs to be hammered feet into gate of the rival. Appeared there is many centuries back, it is popular around the world and year from a year collects hundreds thousands fans in the different championships. Games football give you the ticket for the most interesting matches in the world, and allow to watch not simply favourite players, but also to operate them and to lead favourite club to a victory! Games football for boys this abrupt, interesting and fascinating sports entertainment!

Game online football do not leave indifferent admirers of this sport and will allow them to spend time perfectly in the field together with the idols! Prepare for intense duels in which it is necessary to mobilize all the physical forces, dexterity, endurance, and also tactical intuition and cunning for the sake of a victory.

There is no in the world of more popular sport, than a football. On the staginess, heat and availability it advances practically all games. Judge: to play in hockey, the ice platform is necessary, for basketball the field with a ring is necessary at least to find. Football demands only a ball, and the person of any growth or a constitution can play it. It you will not tell about basketball. In football it is full of examples where low athletes became known goalscorers, for example, Lionel Messi (167 cm) or Pele (173 cm).

It is a little history

During ancient times ritual ball games were widespread, but officially by FIFA the oldest option of football considered Chinese. The first attempt to aggregate all rules was undertaken in 1846 in England. Already then at private schools and universities games football extended. During an era of the Victorian society this sport was at all formed as the cultural and social phenomenon.

In 1857 the FC "Sheffield" - first-ever football club is based. The set of rules of English Football association is approved in 1863 and there were first professional football players 1880. However to pay to players the money exceeding them personal means, it was authorized only in 1885.

The oldest football tournament in the world considered the Cup of England (it is carried out since 1871). This country also is, as you already understood, a rodonachalnitsa of football. As to final rules of this sport, they were accepted only in 1970. Within 100 years the regulations repeatedly changed, especially treatment and now disputes round them do not cease.

Current state

Football reached the greatest level of popularity in Europe, South America and Africa. Much less this game love in North America and Asia where regbiyny traditions are more widespread.

Perhaps, the greatest reason of popularity of football – in its interesting and easy rules, in staginess, in an agiotage which arises before serious games. The picture pleases the eye: a green field, a white ball, 22 football players adhering to certain tactics and big stadium with fans, singing songs which sometimes bewitch.

However not in each European country of game football – sports No. 1. For example, it concerns Lithuania where basketball is recognized as a national sport. But football is erected in a cult in England, Germany, Spain … Look at matches of Dortmund Borussia with the Munich Bavaria, English Manchester United and Liverpool, Barcelona and Real. You will understand at once, for what love this, apparently, usual ball game.

And here money does the business

Unfortunately, in many countries football becomes usual business for owners of clubs. Not without reason the president of UEFA Michel Platini was indignant that in football players trade, as the usual goods. Really, now to club with the small budget and small monetary investments sometimes difficultly something to achieve. There are also exceptions. The Madrid Real is the richest club of the world, but in 10 years never won the Champions League. And no millions will eclipse that aura reigning round football, mad adrenaline which is received by each fan at stadium. And importance of the only victorious goal hammered into compensated time, at all it is impossible to estimate.

To become the best forwards in the world and, having deceived protection by a series of exact transfers and having bypassed the last boundaries by means of the most beautiful feints causing an ovation of many thousands stadium, to hammer a ball by the powerless goalkeeper in this situation precisely into a gate corner. As the skilled trainer to develop unique tactics and to collect the solid team operating as a unit thanks to what to lead the club to a victory in all possible championships and cups. All this is possible in the games Football which prepare for the real fans of these sports incomparable passion, the drive and pleasure.

Carrying out the championship
Saturday, 08 August 2015 06:10

Carrying out the championshipEuro 2012

This event with impatience everything who loves football wait: Ukraine and Poland in 2012 become an European championship venue on football «Euro 2012».

Football news dazzle two years with headings about a preparation course to «Euro 2012» - to the largest football championship among the countries of Europe which is led each four years under the aegis of the Union of the European football associations (UEFA). For all whom football interests, Ukraine became object of special attention, after all exactly carrying out the ending of this prestigious tournament here is planned. High quality European football can be seen within matches «Euro 2012» which will pass at stadiums of Poland (in Warsaw, Gdansk, Poznan, Vrotslava) and Ukraine (in Kiev on NSK Olympic, Donetsk, Kharkov and Lviv).

Not the secret that the Ukrainian football exists today in conditions and at infrastructure which do not hold out to UEFA requirements. Carrying out the championship of the European level needs construction of at least three new stadiums, one and a half tens five-stars hotels, NSK reconstruction Olympic and stadiums in other cities, development of the program on service of the fans who have arrived on football. Not to manage and without thorough reconstruction of transport and hotel system and the solution of many organizational questions.

Carrying out «Euro 2012» in the Ukrainian territory will allow to improve image of our country on the European arena, and football of Ukraine will receive a new push to development. However for this purpose it is necessary to make considerable efforts.

On our site you learn the latest news of football and preparation for the European football championship 2012. If you the international and Ukrainian football, peripetias «Euro 2012» and other okolofutbolny events, the most operational and unbiassed information – for you interests!

FIFA has a truth enemies
Monday, 20 July 2015 14:34

FIFA has a truth enemiesIn football players can use any extremities except hands

The purpose of the playing — to hammer, using shovels. a cement ball in the form of a hemisphere in the gate being in corners of the triangular pool on depth of four meters. From each party in game participate on two teams — horse (on camels) and pedestrian, however, to play the friend for the friend to them it is forbidden. Each team consists of forwards and escaping, and also a link of goalkeepers which make separate team (its result, however, in a match is not considered). Goalkeepers surely put on in a Gothic black form with signs of distinction of CC. Football shovels for bigger buoyancy are made of the facilitated dvutavrovy channels.

Governed in football a little, but they are very strictly observed. They have the history. According to the decision of Albanians, shovels appeared after that case as a cement ball changed for the stone — then one player who was shooting at the goal, shattered to itself a foot, and about position of the one who scored a goal the head, even it was terrible to think … To the injured one-legged football player Ktulkh paid pension personally from the pocket to the death of the player.

Now rules others. So, goalkeepers are obliged to hold the nets by all means both hands, and camels should be surely brushed in a cage. For non-compliance with rules the judge takes offense at team violator. And the most known rule — not to beat a muzzle each other. Then fans jump out from stadium on a signal of the judge and start to wet all, who ё under a hand.

The known player in football Bekhem was and played a jar from under mayonnaise with Mitsgol's urine with an inscription Pepsi Cola.

Football there was no time it is very popular. The largest football stadiums contained to hundred audience, matches of the regular championship were carried out everyone quarter of the century. But in the World Cup of 1952 B. C. there was a tragedy: from noise of the audience the pool cracked, water poured out in a breach, and some tens players choked on air (among them and legendary Soviet - the goalkeeper Is left Ivanovich Isayev-Yashin). It was not day of Bekhem. Since then football is officially forbidden.

Nevertheless, in the most remote corners of a planet still secretly from justice play this devilish game. However, being afraid of a life imprisonment, a cement ball replace on rubber which should be thrown in a ring. In such football is played mainly by the Afro-Americans whom by no means it is impossible to call Blacks. Even to Aesop.

Football history

Football arose for the first time as historically natural process in Zabugorye. Since ancient times this interesting sport could develop in serious game. But it was interfered by imperfect prototypes of a ball, such as a stick (sometimes and the log — but is rare), and also different not coming off parts of a body of the companion with which useless dispute was started. But people dreamed. And only then, over time the informal underground group of the Greek scientists which started to study geometry was created. The first circle was so gradually drawn. It was the beginning. It was necessary to develop the sphere project, but wild barbarians prevented its invention, having intruded in Ancient Greece. But the part of members of the underground organization survived and moved to ancient Cambridge, the most backward city of the Roman Empire. Taxes there were the smallest that allowed the Greek members of syndicate to construct there underground two-storeyed laboratory. The sphere project in the Middle Ages was already developed, but shortage of the latest machines for balls of 1933 stopped all process of creation of a ball. Somehow to survive, was decided to teach for money children of English oligarchs.

The syndicate had money. Over time they grew rich and about ball creation, having counted that there will come 1933 soon. Students who studied at Cambridge Polytechnical Institute or KPI (a rank granted by the English monarch of laboratory to Bursa on account of training of the son — the successor of a throne), often lost the textbooks on the way to KPI. Teachers sustained because of it huge losses — there was no paper on textbooks — left KPI, and money respectively did not go to cash desk. Then the great subject — a satchel or a backpack or a portfolio, and in passing was invented and a man purse — that students did not lose cash on the road (probably, they so spoke that did not learn that they spend on drink money in a shinka, constructed near KPI Boris Abramovich Berezovson).

Students when shirked pairs, not always could go to a shinok. But wanted to be engaged in something. And portfolios were carried over time already by all students. So, obviously, the backpack left by someone without supervision, impulsed, more precisely, the push on a backpack was a starting point of football. Over time teachers-sindikatniki created a ball on the basis of a digging backpack. Not absolutely ideal, but ball. Football rules were created. And when began possible to collect supergrandmas from this sport, the syndicate was transformed to the FIFA known organization (FIFA — speak so called the wife of one of sindikatchik). And in 1933 the machine for balls was invented, and football turned into a show.

FIFA has a truth enemies, these are regbist — dark , braided a ball unnaturally and carrying it on hands. And is also perverts according to many people sympathizing FIFA, these are Americans — they turned football in unnatural rugby, and the name left — football.

Football emergence. Melkobritansky version

Football fans are a peculiar
Sunday, 19 July 2015 08:33

Football fans are a peculiarFree online football translation on Allresults. ru shows all results of football matches today! Also on our site it is possible to watch football online.

About football

It is heavy to think up and find such sport which could compete on popularity football. According to independent researchers – and it is not necessary to look for, after all football presently – the most favourite world sports game which with a big separation is in the lead in comparison with other sports.

Football the true game which has entered into national traditions and culture so densely that hardly from there can clean it any other sports game. Football fans are a peculiar group of people, with the unique subculture, songs, lifestyle. The separate history, is the football players advancing any goods to what we already got used.

Football is a team game. in which the purpose is to score a goal in gate of the rival any parts of a body, except hands. Game arose in 1863, and the name occurred from the English word football that means in transfer a ball and feet, that is a ball in feet. Today this game is the most popular and interesting among million sports fans. Game lasts 90 minutes on 2 times with a break of 15 minutes. In each team in the demand on 18 people, in the field play 11 people from each team, that is 11?11. In the field there should be at least 4 judges: main, two lateral and spare. In game game by hands is forbidden.

Football online

On a site live text broadcasts of football are daily carried out and results of football matches of all championships, tournaments and cups are shown.

TVI - the Ukrainian television
Tuesday, 30 June 2015 10:14

TVI - the Ukrainian televisionPublic channels - to watch TV online

Look online a political talk show Big-time politics, entertaining shows of Show No. 1, Maydans, Make laugh the comedian, series for adults and children, sports translations.

ICTV - the non-state national channel first in Ukraine. On air information news service the Facts, interactive and the Comedy Club entertainment programs, At most in Ukraine, Trump life, Jokes in Ukrainian, films and series.

STB - national TV the channel of Ukraine. On the air of a news of the Window, films and series, animated films, entertainment programs (Ukraine has talent, the Karaoke on the Maidan the H-factor, all Dance), thematic programs (Psychic Challenge, my truth).

TET - the information and entertaining channel on air of which online of translation of entertainment programs: Your mother!, The naked truth, Masha and models, the Doll, 10 desires, Is love, favourite series my fine nurse, Ranetki, University and many other things.

On the air television news service of TSN, films and series, animated films, interactive programs (A lotto the Entertainment, the Star + a star), thematic programs (I change the wife, From a patsanka to the lady, Without the mandate). 1+1 to look free of charge.

TVI - the Ukrainian television channel. On air information programs Today, Today. About the main thing., Results, special projects the Exclamation mark, Evening with M Knyazhitsky.

Sports online» mean, you are familiar
Friday, 01 May 2015 18:14

Sports online» mean, you are familiarit is football online. But subject of our site not only football online but also all sports online. For many for a long time not a secret that on the Internet it is possible to look many matches of football online. but at all absolutely so, on the Internet it is possible to look at it even more than on TV. If you for example are fond of rates on sports that our site to you very much will help as we have results of all matches of different types of sports, and live broadcasts. including football online.

All who like to watch football online know that it is a command sport. in which what to win a victory over the rival it would be necessary to hammer a football into gate of opposite team, by means of all parts of a body except hands (but as many tested on themselves, it is more convenient to do all this by feet or the head). Presently, when we are surrounded by thousands interesting things what to spend cheerfully time, football still remains the most popular sport around the world. The main thing do not forget that it is possible not only to watch football online. but also to play with friends (it not only is cheerful, but also it is useful for health).

The type of game similar to our modern football, was in far 1848! Official date of creation of football it is considered to be 1863 when the first football association was based and the first rules of football are thought up. Football rules I think, it is not necessary to you to paint, as if you came to our site «Football online. Sports online» mean, you are familiar for a long time with them.

Now there are many championships on football. practically worldwide. But not all of them are popular, and at all all are broadcast. Online it is possible to look at all most interesting football here. Quality of translations happens a miscellaneous, video can sometimes be reproduced with breakthroughs, it not always depends on us. First of all, what to enjoy football online normal speed of the Internet as stability of yours the Internet – connections is important is necessary, and still there are a lot of other factors. But, as a rule all of them should not prevent to you to look at football online.

Our site already deserved trust at many casual hunters of high-quality translation, and now they became regular customers who comfortably can look at us for example: hockey online. football online. basketball online.

One more considerable advantage of this portal is that that all translations you can look free of charge and without registration. So do not spend the precious time for wanderings on search engines in search of a match, and simply come to us with confidence that can watch football without superfluous problems online.


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